so what is this anyway?

words are not my first language, my memories are made up of sounds, i think in scenes, and i've been told i speak in stories. friends've said it's not that i know weird things, it's that i've had to use that weird knowledge professionally. i have no idea what they're talking about.

people often ask me to do a thing—when what they really want is for me to share my thoughts, while i’m doing the thing.

this is that.

been told it’s useful. at least a diversion. sometimes even amusing.

some words, some sounds.

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i write with a few specific friends in mind. some are with me now. others are just a place in my heart that no one else can hear. but it’s good for me to be reminded that you’re reading this too. and maybe getting something out of it. which makes for better work, and most importantly a better read for you. it’s funny how that works.

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however it happens, your support means a lot.

thanks for reading.


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this is what happens when you give the right brain the mouth


ken brown

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